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Fitness Testimonials


"I follow the Weight Watchers point system and drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily."

"Follow the Food Guide Pyramid-eat from all your food groups."

"If the diet sounds too good to be true, it is."

"Exercise four times weekly at least. Maintain a healthy diet. Increase exercise difficulty as the body adjusts."


"Increased energy. Improved outlook and attitude...I realized maintenance of fitness and healthy weight were important to longevity, despite good genes."

"Exercise is a great stress breaker. It helps you get through busy times at work and personal crisis. It increases stamina."

"Find what you like to do, vary your routine. Stick with it. Don't beat yourself up. If you get off track, don't quit. Shake it off and get back on track."

"Don't get discouraged. Do it for yourself. Ask yourself if you are ready to make the commitment. Don't consider it a diet and exercise, but a lifestyle change."

"I get my advice of what to do when exercising from the PSC Fitness Center staff."

"My schedule involves working out four times a week, walking the treadmill one to one and a half miles, riding the stationary bike thirty minutes and resistance training (weights) twice weekly."


"I've always been healthy, but I feel the benefits of exercise and proper diet will help me stay healthy."

"Feeling good about the way I look and being able to buy clothing I want instead of what looks good."

"I have a lot more energy than when I first started. I am more mentally alert. I have lost 22 pounds."

"The best thing I have achieved is learning to enjoy an exercise regiment!"

"Consistency, the PSC Fitness Center staff's encouragement and prayer.