Pam Kraay

Coordinator, Physical Education and Fitness Center
(708) 709-3929

  • Cory Anderson, Fitness Assistant
  • Emerson Cool, Personal Trainer
  • Darrell Fisher, Fitness Assistant
  • Irma Flores, Personal Trainer and Fitness and Recreation Specialist
  • John Grobner, Personal Trainer
  • Greta Hightower, Personal Trainer
  • Coni Howard, Fitness Assistant
  • Tina Hughes, Personal Trainer
  • Bill Johnson, Personal Trainer
  • Bonnie Lifeschultz, Personal Trainer
  • LaWanda Madison, Fitness Assistant
  • Marty Mears, Fitness Assistant
  • Jennifer Pulaski, Aerobic Instructor
  • Jill Ruschak, Aerobic Instructor
  • Jeremiah Thrall, Fitness Assistant